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Teacher of electric and acoustic guitar, banjo, electric bass, harmonica, ukulele and mandolin

I give lessons in electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica and ukulele in my studio in Harlow, Essex. I tutor all ages from beginner to advanced in pop, rock, blues, country and folk styles. I am a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors and Have taught RGT Electric and Acoustic Exams up to Grade 8. My fees are £25 an hour.

Teaching strategy

I am a great believer in teaching students what they want to know as well as what I think they need to know. Each lesson is tailored for the student’s needs at that time. He or she may be a complete beginner, struggling to play basic chords or an advanced player seeking to explore improvisational techniques. Music theory is also covered, again dependent on the student’s realistic need. Where appropriate, students are given clearly typed chord and scale diagrams, along with written transcripts and audio recordings of songs/exercises they are working on. This is important in enabling them to practice efficiently between lessons.

Electric & Acoustic Guitar Lessons

In guitar lessons, beginner students are taught basic open chords and scales. They are then shown how to apply them to simple tunes. Most guitar lessons incorporate set pieces of popular songs, but a student is more than welcome to bring along a tune which interests him or her. More seasoned guitar students are taught how to improvise over standard chord progressions in a variety of styles including blues, rock, pop, reggae and country. Use of string bends, double stops, tremolo technique, finger picking, application of the capo, alternative tunings or slide guitar can all be covered. Relevant music theory and notation (including Tab) are incorporated in all of my lessons.

Banjo Lessons

I offer lessons on the five-string banjo, including finger rolls and alternative chord inversions up the neck. Bluegrass playing is covered at a basic level, as well as other popular country and pop styles.

Electric Bass Guitar Lessons

I teach the Electric Bass as opposed to Double Bass. Walking bass-lines, chord analysis and counter melodies are all covered on what I consider to be an all-too-underestimated instrument.

Harmonica Lessons

I give harmonica lessons in the Ten Hole Diatonic Harmonica. Both straight and cross playing are covered with an emphasis on blues styles and note bending.

Ukulele Lessons

This quirky little instrument was invented by the Portugese, allowing musicians to take their instruments overseas where the space on ships was limited. The name "ukelele" is Hawaiian for "Jumping Flea". Legend has it that a Portuguese musician visiting Hawaii, jumped off a boat and ran up and down the jetty playing his "miniature guitar". The bemused natives shouted out "ukulele" either refering to the musician's fingers or his over-zealous presentation! Open chords, barre chords, strumming and finger-picking are all covered for this, the world's first "Travel-Guitar".

Mandolin Lessons

Another small instrument, mandolin is tuned as a "fretted" violin. Scales, arpeggios and chords are covered in mandolin lessons, with emphasis on right-hand plectrum technique.


Bazza, guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, harmonica tutor
Barry: guitar teacher, electric bass guitar teacher, banjo teacher and more!
“Barry has been extremely helpful in giving our son Ryan the confidence and capability to sit and subsequently pass with distinction, his recent RGT Preliminary examination. Barry’s positive attitude, encouragement and patience, along with his obvious knowledge and technical ability had a huge influence on Ryan’s positive examination result.”
Tommy King (Parent of 13 year old Ryan)

“I found Barry's teaching style exactly right for me. He gets you into playing real tunes quickly and makes the theory side fun and understandable. He is also a very accomplished player himself which I found inspired me to want to get that 'next level'.”
Andy Wilson, guitar student.
“Thank you Barry, for getting me through my first exam, with distinction. (Electric guitar - RGT Grade 1). I got full marks for improvisation to top it all!”
James Hutchinson, aged 14

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