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1. Wonderful Land This guitar instrumental was a No. 1 hit for the Shadows in 1962.
2. Video killed the radio star My version of Buggles' 1979 hit
3. Latin Fusion Original melody with a Latin flavour.
4. Always on my mind A harmonica rendition of the Elvis/Willy Nelson classic.
5. Samba Pa Ti My version of the classic Santana guitar track.
6. Kontiki Another guitar classic from the Shadows.
7. Wicked Game The 1998 hit from Chris Isaak.
8. Blue Guitar A top ten hit for Justin Hayward and John Lodge in 1975.
9. Smooth Another Santana track, this one with vocals.


You can also watch me play on these You Tube videos featuring various instruments.


Electric guitar

My Fender Nashville B Bender Telecaster. See me play it on this You Tube clip.

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